Roku-Mart @ Gencon

Roku-Mart Gencon Special :

I have too many commons.

Any order placed before Monday August 3rd that includes Commons and UnCommons will get a credit per Common / Uncommon Ordered

– 15 Cents per Common & 20 Cents per UnCommon
(Good only on Sets IE, TCS, ALITS, TNO, 20F, S:HOD, THA)

The credit will be issued to your account no later than (DATE) and be usable on any future purchase. I’m also gonna roll this back and issue credits for any orders place since 7/18!

I am also bringing Roku-Mart Cards with me, and will fill orders For you while at Gencon, on the day after they are placed. Just choose “Local Delivery” and put in the notes you’re at Gencon.

This offer is good for all orders, so even if you can’t make Gencon, you can still save a bunch on Commons & UnCommons!

Man I have so much packing to do..

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