No shipping 4/20-24/15

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we will not be shipping out any orders next week.  Normal shipping operations will begin again the following week =)

Twenty Festivals has begun!

We have our first allotment of Twenty Festivals up for your perusal.  You can find them here.  We do have more we are in the process of sorting to get added, but for now there’s an initial bit to get things off the ground for everyone!

No shipments March 15th-19th

Hey everyone,
We will be away at a trade show March 15th-19th, and such will be unable to process shipments in that time period.  Get your orders in before 11pm PST today for processing before the trip!  All orders received after 11pm tonight will ship on Friday March 20th.  Thanks for your understanding!

A Line in the Sand is live!

Took us a bit longer than usual to get everything in order (we blame the post GenCon slacking) but A Line in the Sand singles are now available.



Money Slots

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Payments now accepted!

So one of the problems of going for a midnight/super early morning launch is you’re really tired when things are finally done.  This causes you to sometimes miss things.

Things like PayPal not actually being turned on after you finished testing it.


So yea….that’s fixed now.  Sorry everybody!  We can now happily take your money!!!

And awwwwaayyyyy we go!!!

As I post this the last of the stock updates are being processed and we are going live with not only the new Roku-Mart look, but stock for Ivory Edition as well!  Roku-Mart is the only place to get stocked up on your cards before Kotei.  We work closely with our Friendly Local Game Store to make sure we have our cards the moment they release and get them sorted and out to you as fast as possible!

If you used our prior site, you will have to create a new account here, sadly we were unable to import prior user accounts.  If you had store credit, we exported the credits owed and will apply them to your account when you register.  For time being, place your order and select the Check/Cash option at check out and we’ll get in touch with you to settle up the difference.  Going forward, you’ll be able to apply your full credit and pay the remaining owed through the site, a vast improvement from our prior site!

Speaking of new features, our new site is still growing, so check back often to see all the cool new stuff we’re rolling out!  Still to come is seeing multiple types of a card on one screen (IE the foil version and the normal without having to go back and forth between two pages), the ability to generate new coupons, specials, and sales, along with some other stuff that were still tooling behind the scenes – We are also working with an ecofriendly company that helps us use the old games to recycle using a cardboard baler, do you know what is a cardboard baler by Be Equipment? you need to go ahead and check the best equipment for recycling. and help the environment.

I can’t give it all away 😉

We hope you enjoy the new site and find it easier to use!  If you have any feedback, please feel free to send it to sales at!